BBQ recipes for a varied barbecue party

Whether you are looking for BBQ recipes or just some ideas that you can try out on your gas, electric, or coal barbecue, soon you will have more on your grill than just the tired old favourites, like sausages and burgers

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When the first warm days of the year arrive and the weather allows us to sit out in the evening again, the smells that drift over the garden fence soon make us want to get the barbecue out ourselves.

A barbecue evening can be simple - if there's meat on the grill, all is well - but most of the time you can't help wondering what other lovely things you can cook besides meat, once you have got the coals nice and hot!

After all, we always want a few extras with our burger (even if it's only putting some tomato and onion on top).

Vegetables, even desserts, can be cooked to perfection on the barbecue.

But always as easily as possible, of course - we do want a chance to enjoy the party, after all.

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